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Vancouver Participatory Economics Collective

This is the blog for the Vancouver ParEcon Collective. Posts are made by collective members, regarding participatory economics, vision, strategy and related issues.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Henwood on immigrants

Doug Henwood's Left Business Observer is always an exceptionally good read. Though it's mostly a print publication (so consider subscribing), there are some articles available online (here) which give a taste of the quality of LBO.
For the moment I'd like to call your attention to a new article on the LBO site, A nation of (yesterday's) immigrants. If you are at all curious about the economic effects of immigration (at least as it pertains to the US), it is a must read. He briefly trots out the evidence:
-Several "natural experiments" involving sudden mass immigration (Algerians to France; Cubans to Miami; Russians to Israel) show that immigration has no significant effects on wages or employment levels.
-Far from sucking the system dry, immigrants on average pay more in taxes than they will ever use in services.
-Immmigrants' children, no slouches themselves, tend to get more education and earn more than their native-born counterparts.
The article finishes is with a very interesting graph which charts Americans' attitudes toward immigration since the 60's. Very much worth examining.


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